Thoughts in the Tuileries garden

I am not sure that the setting really influenced my thoughts but it is always more pleasant to think by looking at pretty things, isn’t it?
The weather was fine, the people seemed happy, the light was perfect, I had just met a charming person I will talk to you about soon, I had some time in front of me … so I was in the best state of mind to rethink the beginnings of this crazy « bloggy » adventure.

« Je m’baladais sur l’avenue le cœur ouvert à l’inconnu
J’avais envie de dire bonjour à n’importe qui »*

Are you a big fan of assessments? Personally, my favorites ones are those that we make to (in)validate the first impression!
The instinct expresses an opinion, let’s add some rationality, listen to the recommendations around you, next, you need to let infuse all of that, and then, we get a perfect “first impression assessment”. The recipe is simple and very often the result is correct. This is the ideal step to change the direction or to go straight ahead. It depends 😉

Shall we review this together?

So, the moment seemed to have come to sit down and take stock and gain an overview over all that I already received since I started to launch the blog.
And as soon as this thought touched my mind, a broad smile lightened up my face. Although it is only the very beginning, the benefits are already very numerous. It’s a fantastic sensation, actually…

Trees in the Tuileries garden

Everything is new. You have to get out of your famous “comfort zone”. This can be quite destabilizing but I feel like a kind of evidence at every step of the process. I am not saying that the process is simple and that I don’t question myself, but deep inside I know what I want and I believe in it. And this sensation allows me to overcome the doubts. Yes, because obviously, there are doubts. Otherwise, it would bet too easy and incidentally very presumptuous!

I doubt, therefore I am

Could I create what I have in mind?

It is great to have ideas but it is not so easy to get from theory to reality! You need to find technical solutions, get acquainted with a world that we knew only from the outside…Welcome in the meandering coding system and other quirks of the planet Blog.
Beginner’s advice: I know that from far it can seem frightening, but if you approach, the monster catches you and you become in no time the queen of tutorial seekers and the princess of the resourcefulness **. And then, in case of force majeure, we always know someone who knows someone who knows someone … Well, the good old solidarity chain is building up and saves you from the intersidereal hole in which you were bogged down.
Finally, who would have believed it but the proverb tells the truth: Where there is a will, there is a way!

Chill at Tuileries garden

Would I be up to the people who trusted me?

When you throw yourself into an adventure about human beings, it necessarily involves third parties. For my part, it was about contacting people to find out if they would agree share their story with me… And their answer was “yes, of course”. What an huge gift! The blog was only a project at this moment, so they had to trust a stranger, without knowing exactly how I would treat their story. Their experience inspired me and their kindness was the icing on the cake. At that point, in front of the blank page, I just wondered if I would manage to give back all I received during the interviews. These people have such a great energy, their stories are so exciting that I felt like holding a big responsibility in my hands: Being up to their confidences and finding the appropriate words to inspire you in return.

Flowers in the Tuileries garden

In these cases, it seems that the best method is to stop questioning yourself and just let go. The adjustments are dealt with in a second step. Drum rolling … this tactic is adopted! I did let me guide by what I had felt during the conversations. The sentences came one after another like a sweet melody and I really appreciated this moment. Lesson learned: Trust yourself! It works!

Having a yen, the best motivation!

You can even develop this feeling in several parts. There is, of course, the desire to write, but also to take good pictures. And, on the top of the list, the desire to meet great people, (re-) discover artists and places and share all these wonderful inspirations with you!

Green range at Tuileries garden

It is an incredible opportunity for me to explore the resources of humanity. Gathering the stories of all these people is the best proof to show how incredible human beings are. There is such an intense energy in their life experiences – it is a wonderful gift and I am very thankful.
That is why, second advice: If an idea runs through your mind and persists – this means that it is important for you. This is the crucial point: Let’s go and provide yourself with the means to make it happen. Nothing is impossible, strictly nothing, believe me, because this “impossible” is unreal. It is only a trick of your conscience to stay “on the safe side”. Listen to your little voice – it knows what you can do.

Final result is online and your welcome is enthusiastic and warm. I am so happy because of you.
I cannot wait to tell you the rest. Travels I made, people I met, but also the books I want to read, exhibits I want to see and all the new ideas that are tumbling out of my mind.

Tuileries garden

Launching a blog in 2017 is not avant-garde at all. And I absolutely do not think that I will do a revolution. My ambition is to offer you something which looks like me, with values ​​in which I believe – and I hope you will like it. I use this magic tool called Internet to share with you what I do. There are always thousands of ways how to look at things. This blog is my answer and it is a very personal one. I believe that blogging is undergoing deep changes but I am sure that it still has a bright future ahead.
Of course, we will only know in the future if I am right or wrong, but in the meantime, I enjoy it because it is a fantastic adventure!

What do you think? Let me know your opinion!

* Clue about my state of mind 😉 Les Champs Elysées by Joe Dassin. This old song (1969) is so cliché ^-^. I wasn’t born at this time but it makes me laugh. It is very joyful, like me at this moment, and the Champs Elysées are just around the corner

** It also works for Kings and Princes, but they are less numerous on the planet Blog, and since there is no neutral word, I chose the feminine version but of course I exclude nobody