Anne Cazaubon, a humanist artist

Her main quality is most likely her humanity. She loves people, knows how to listen to them to help them. Now she is working on the arts and gives us poetry to soften reality.
Anne is a rainbow, a Russian doll, a Shakti * of modern times. Yes, all this in one person! To inaugurate this Portraits series I needed to find this kind of personality.

As I explain in my « About » page, the purpose of this blog is the desire to meet fabulous people and to leave a trace of these wonderful discussions.

Since time immemorial, legends have been built up to convey what the ancients learned. Inspiration from each other is not a new idea, but experience always wins the day, doesn’t it? And anyway, continual education is very trendy, right?
Sometimes our world forgets that Earth and Humanity are at the heart of Life. We are always in a hurry to manage our lives. Most of the time we are looking for more money to be on the safe side and each month it is the same story. We need to succeed to be valued. We also need to be in good health to do more and more and (sometimes even) to bite first not to be bitten … Thats how our society works and my blog is not going to change anything. On the other hand, it can be a digression, a break, allow an idea or a desire to be born.

I realized, after having had my nose to the grindstone for so long, how much others inspired me. Do you remember the TV coverage of So-and-so or the book in which you discover the amazing Mr/Mrs Jones. That moment when you said to yourself: “I totally understand what he/she said, « oh…if I only dared…”, “yes, it is so interesting. Why not try to do it myself? “…

This magic of humanity; it is absolutely fascinating.
That’s why I wanted to talk about these people who inspire me, who give me their energy, push me out of my comfort zone, amaze me by their talent, their choices in life, their convictions …
I want to paint a picture of them in my PORTRAITS category and share these beautiful meetings with you.

Today, this great person is Anne Cazaubon. How to describe her? If I had only one word, I would say: she is sunshine! She twinkles and enlightens others. Actually, the most difficult part of this portrait is to know where to begin. Her life is so rich, with thousands past and future adventures. This is why I have decided to split it in 2 episodes. Here we go!

But you probably already know her, through her happynings that amuse Paris with biodegradable confetti. Her Flying Project (you can read the article on the blog) is enchanting poetry that seduces everybody – young and old alike.

Who is hiding behind this lovely crown of flowers, this enigmatic smile and those thousands of hearts.butterflies.stars ? Through the breath of the metro stations, she strews happiness in the city and offers passers-by some magic.

A eclectic career indeed

From gesture to speech

Anne has already soothed your ears on different European radios (Le Mouv’- Radio France, Oui FM, RTBF or Europe 1 (and that’s just a summary). Master in chronicles and tv coverage, she leads listeners / viewers to miscellaneous countries with a warm voice and an eloquent tone. Anne knows how to guide you very gently towards serious subjects.

The image of this helping hand, like a emotional bridge came to me naturally but nothing happens without reason. Guess what was her first job? Translator in sign language. She chose to be the link between silence and sound. She is a go-between who breaks the visible/invisible wall between the deaf and hearers. The (one and only?!) reason to learn a foreign language is to approach people, isn’t it?

Subjects which say a lot about Anne’s character

Journalism in laundromats

Anne has lived thousands of lives from her birth, but the consistency of her journey is located in her beliefs: listen to others, bring out… invisible wounds and meet others.
As a translator, journalist, director or artist, she is always trying to read between the lines. She is interested in what is not obvious, a way of expressing the impalpable, the elusive, the mysterious, all those truths that we try to hide. You will not be surprised if I tell you that she has chosen to talk about facially disfigured war veteran or war widows. In a more joyful but significant way, she talked about former clergymen, the daily life of midwives in a big hospital in Paris (la Pitié Salpétrière), Mongolian shamans, or anonymous people in laundromats.
Interesting subjects, right?**

Do you want to travel?

Lets not fall into the cliché of “tell me what your profession is and I will tell you who you are”. Certainly, we spend a lot of time working and even if we love our job (an often rare piece of luck), our job is far from the only way of defining ourselves.

Go away to finally find yourself

Anne is a woman who loves to do things, to act, to push herself. Effort does not stop her in her goals. So, she decided to leave her country and to go around the world, alone. She chose to do it alone to get to know other people as well as herself. An internal journey taking place outside. A real introspection to get to the bottom of her ideas, to get to know herself and to welcome everything she sees. Looking at things without judgment, welcoming what she discovers and what others show or give her.
Anne Cazaubon is an adventurer and her goal is to understand the human soul. Some people call it bravery, others describe it like unconsciousness. No matter, she makes her own way and she is right. This is HER life, anyway!

Anne Cazaubon, the globe trotter

Her favorite countries

If you are a dummy in geography, bring out your favorite atlas, attention, here we go! She crossed Eastern Europe (Bosnia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary) and she had a big crush on these countries. Is it because with her almond-shaped eyes and her big forehead she could easily have Slavic origins? Because behind each Anne hides another one, like a Russian doll? How far will she go? Who really knows what connects us with a country, a culture? Maybe her attraction for this part of the world simply comes from the legendary mystery of these populations.
But Anne does not stop travelling, it’s a bit like a drug, so, she leaves again for another sort of around-the-world trip. She sets out to face the great cold of Canada and swallows the miles on American roads. Then she crosses the world and travels through China and Mongolia.

Quite a globe-trotter, is she not? Yes, but watch out…a little surprise during this worldwide trip will arrive in episode # 2 and some more…

See you soon!

* Shakti: Sanskrit word which means « energy, power » and refers to feminine energy. It is also the name of a Hindu goddess.

** If you want to listen to her radio programme, here is her french website: